Laptops For College

Laptops For College

Laptops are an essential part of college. Therefore, choosing the best laptop should not be as hard as choosing the correct school. Discount Computer Depot has decided to condense the wide range of laptops and make a list of the most valuable and capable college laptops. Laptops for college students complete an array of tasks, such as taking notes, researching topics, running programs, watching movies, social interactions, video streaming, gaming and much more. Discount Computer Depot’s used, and refurbished laptops are all infused with Intel Core processors and pre-installed with a Windows 10 operating system. All Discount Computer Depot’s laptops are put through three of the most inclusive tests one can perform on a computer confirming we guarantee premium quality and extended life at cheap and budget friendly prices. Discount Computer Depot understands that college can be a costly venture, so we include free shipping and a free one-year warranty to ensure the best bang for your buck! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so feel free to give us a call, thank you for shopping and best of wishes! – DCD Team

Discount Computer Depot provides free shipping and a free one-year warranty to all customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so feel free to give us a call, thank you for shopping at Discount Computer Depot.

Built To Order Options

At Discount Computer Depot we build our laptops to order, so if there is an option you are looking for or need, just let us know. We have laptops for school, business, and laptops for gaming or entertainment. Every PC we sell includes a 1-Year Warranty, with Extended Warranties available. We use FedEx to ship all of our computers, and if you need your computer fast, we have same day shipping options!

Discount Computer Depot is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, and has hundreds of thousands of laptops and devices – In Stock and Ready To Go. Why buy new when refurbished is the same thing at half the price!

Discounts For Bulk Business Orders

Don’t Forget: We offer large quantity discounts for Business to Business clients, please call (844) 466-9142 to enquire about wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Our sales team makes the process simple and painless. 

Whether you’re looking for a desktop computer, a gaming PC, or a business laptop, we’ve got plenty of excellent choices available for you and all for much lower prices than brand-new computers. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers:

How much do laptops cost?

Laptop computers can vary in price by a lot, from $100 to over $3,000! One of the most significant ways to lower the entry cost for a new (to you) laptop computer is to buy a quality refurbished laptop. You cannot beat the price of a refurbished laptop computer. In fact, buying refurbished can offer dramatic savings, from 30-70% off compared to buying a new laptop.

What laptop should I buy?

Discount Computer Depot has a huge selection of laptop computers to choose from, but we’ve put together a list of popular laptops for our customers:

Business Laptops

Laptops for College

Laptops for Kids

Build Your Own Laptop


Which laptop brand is the best?

There are hundreds of laptop computer brands to choose from, and at Discount Computer Depot we sell them all! However, some brands have a long lasting reputation for building great laptops, with superior build quality and attention to detail.

Here at Discount Computer Depot we typically suggest one of the following three brands:


Why choose a laptop computer?

Laptop computers can't be beat for the ever essential Bang For Your Buck! You don’t need a monitor, you don’t need a keyboard, you don’t even need a mouse. I mean, we will sell you those, if you want them, but it's not a NEED. Also they are portable, for if you are on the go. And these days, you don’t have to worry about the specs. Any Dell, HP or Lenovo laptop is going to be good enough to handle all of the activities most people use, like Facebook, GMail, Skype or Youtube! 

Which laptop computer is best for business?

Please check out this list of Business Laptop Computers to find a great option that you can use for all of your business computing needs!

Can my laptop computer connect to Wi-Fi?

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi has made this one of the most highly demanded features we offer. Rest assured that every laptop computer we sell either comes with Wi-Fi installed or includes a Wi-Fi receiver that allows your laptop computer to connect to Wi-Fi in your home!

When will my laptop computer ship?

All of our laptops at Discount Computer Depot ship within 3 – 5 Business Days unless you purchase one of our ready to ship DCD Express Laptops! Express Laptops ship same day if purchased before 2pm CST!

What is my laptop computer warranty?

All of our computers come with a 1-Year Discount Computer Depot Warranty, and have the option for an extended 2 or 3 Year Warranty! You can check out all of the specifics for your warranty here: Discount Computer Depot Warranty Info

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