Desktop Computers

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers, called so because they generally sit on top of a desk, are designed for regular use at a single location. Our current used Dell, HP and Lenovo computers, as well as customizable desktops are available online. Although, if you can not find what you are looking for our team is happy to configure any brand and model to your liking. In addition to low prices, extended warranties and great customer service, Discount Computer Depot has installed Windows 10 on every PC to ensure the best user experience possible. All Discount Computer Depot’s used, and refurbished desktop computers are put through three of the most inclusive tests one can perform on a computer, confirming we guarantee premium quality and extended life at cheap and budget friendly prices. Discount Computer Depot provides free shipping and a free one-year warranty to all customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so feel free to give us a call, thank you for shopping and best of wishes! – DCD Team

At Discount Computer Depot we build our computers to order, so if there is an option you are looking for or need, just let us know. We have Micro PCs, Home Theater PCs, All In One PCs, any Form Factor you might need. Ever PC we sell includes a 1-Year Warranty, with Extended Warranties available. We use FedEx to ship all of our computers, and if you need your computer fast, we have same day shipping options!

Discount Computer Depot is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, and has hundreds of thousands of desktops, laptops and devices – In Stock and Ready To Go. Why buy new when refurbished is the same thing at half the price!

Don’t Forget: We offer large quantity discounts for Business to Business clients, please call (844) 466-9142 to enquire about wholesale pricing for bulk orders. Our sales team makes the process simple and painless. 

Whether you’re looking for a desktop computer, a gaming PC, or a business laptop, we’ve got plenty of excellent choices available for you and all for much lower prices than brand-new computers. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers:

How much does a desktop computer cost?

Desktop computers can vary in price by quite a lot, from $300 to over $3,000! One of the most significant ways to lower the entry cost for a new (to you) desktop computer is to buy a quality refurbished desktop. You cannot beat the price of a refurbished computer. In fact, buying refurbished can offer dramatic savings, from 30-70% off compared to buying a new computer.

What desktop computer should I buy?

Discount Computer Depot has a huge selection of desktop computer to choose from, but we’ve put together a list of popular computers for our customers:

Dell Optiplex 745
Dell Optiplex 755
Dell Optiplex 760
Dell Optiplex 380
Dell Optiplex 390
Dell Optiplex 3010
Dell Optiplex 3011
Dell Optiplex 3020
Dell Optiplex 3030
Dell Optiplex 790
Dell Optiplex 7010
Dell Optiplex 7020
Dell Optiplex 960
Dell Optiplex 980
Dell Optiplex 990
Dell Optiplex 9010
Dell Optiplex 9020

Which desktop computer brand is the best?

There are hundreds of desktop computer brands to choose from, and at Discount Computer Depot we sell them all! However, some brands have a long lasting reputation for building great computers, with superior build quality and attention to detail.

Here at Discount Computer Depot we typically suggest one of the following three brands:


Why choose a desktop computer?

Desktop computers can't be beat for the ever essential Bang For Your Buck! Powerful desktops are just plain cheaper than powerful desktops! If you combine that with the fact that refurbished desktop computers are cheaper than new, you end up with what I like to call the double whammy: A great computer at a price that can't be beat!

Which desktop computer is best for business?

Please check out this list of Business Desktop Computers to find a great option that you can use for all of your business computing needs!

Can my desktop computer connect to Wi-Fi?

The ubiquity of WIFI has made this one of the most highly demanded features we offer. Rest assured that every desktop computer we sell either comes with WIFI installed or includes a WIFI receiver that allows your desktop computer to connect to WIFI in your home!

When will my desktop computer ship?

All of our computers at Discount Computer Depot ship within 3 – 5 Business Days unless you purchase one of our ready to ship DCD Express Computers!

What is my desktop computer warranty?

All of our computers come with a 1-Year Discount Computer Depot Warranty, and have the option for an extended 2 or 3 Year Warranty! You can check out all of the specifics for your warranty here: Discount Computer Depot Warranty Info

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