Why Smart Business Leaders Buy Refurbished Computers

Updated: March 1, 2023

Why Smart Business Leaders Buy Refurbished Computers

Published by Joshua Crow

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Computer Manufacturers Have A Problem

Modern computer manufacturers have a problem: There hasn’t been a substantial leap forward in computer speed or innovation in the past 3 – 5 years. Surprisingly, the reasons for this aren’t that complicated. Computer chip manufacturers like Intel or AMD have nearly reached the limit of what’s possible with the technology currently at their disposal.

Googling this problem inevitably leads a reader to “Moore’s Law” which predicted the speed of computers would continuously double every 2 years.

For decades, computer manufacturers have enjoyed the benefits of a rapidly accelerating increases in both computer speed and storage capacity, which forced businesses to invest in newer and better equipment year after year. As this innovation slows, and the difference between this year and last year’s model, in terms raw computing power, shrinks, buying new becomes less and less of an attractive option.

Moore's Law is dead.

Jen-Hsun, CEO Nvidia Corporation

Moore's Law Is Slowing Down, And That's A Good Thing!

Let’s visit Google again. Type in “Is Moore’s law” into the search bar. Google’s auto-fill gives us the following:

  1. Is Moore’s law dead?
  2. Is Moore’s law ending?
  3. Is Moore’s law slowing down?

People are beginning to notice that brand new computers aren’t really that much faster. Jen-Hsun, the CEO of Nvidia Corporation, one of the largest chip makers in the world recently declared Moore's Law as dead.

While not a great thing if your business is making computer processors, this news is particularly good for businesses that rely on computers and the software that runs on them. While you will still be buying replacement computers when the warranties run out on your current equipment, there's a new option in town, that you should probably by checking into.

33% of companies are using more SaaS applications than they did in 2016 — Sebastian Lambert, FinancesOnline

But Wait, There's More

There is a second reason smart business leaders buy refurbished computers: Software as a service. If you are unfamiliar, Software as a Service (or SaaS) is software that is stored, operated and licensed over the internet. Popular examples include Google Docs, as well as offerings in the Microsoft Office family of products, and various programs from Adobe. These are attractive to business owners for a variety of reasons: They store all of your data for you in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site servers or back-ups, all of the licensing is consolidated in a central location and transmitted digitally, a monthly subscription might include warranty and technical support, and lastly, they don’t require super powerful computers to operate.

The important take-away here, is that SaaS programs and services require less powerful computers. All of the heavy lifting of running these programs is actually being run on a server, possibly thousands of miles away, and the computer in your local office is just running an internet browser (think Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

Final Thoughts

When you take into account everything we have discussed today, the business trend of moving to refurbished computers really does start to come into focus.

The current slow-down in computer innovation creates an opportunity for savvy businesses who depend on computers for their data to day activities to increase efficiency and increase their bottom line. Using a Registered Microsoft refurbisher (like Discount Computer Depot) to source your computers and computing devices is an attractive option for efficiency minded businesses; and continues to get even more attractive as each new generation of computers shows less advancement over the previous year’s.

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