Discount Computer Depot is a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher.
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Genuine Microsoft Software

Genuine Microsoft Software

We are a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher.


red-refurblogo.jpgWhat does this mean for you?

1. You Can Avoid Lawsuits

2. You Can Avoid Embarassment

3. Fewer Hassles & Loss of Support

4. You Demonstrate Unflenching Honesty



1. You Can Avoid Lawsuits
Microsoft OEM Partner Center

Microsoft Continues to Level the Playing Field for Honest Partners

Every month, Microsoft receives hundreds of piracy reports from customers and from the system builder community. These reports enable Microsoft to investigate and address piracy across the country, and they are critical to the success of anti-piracy efforts.

Almost all of the cases that Microsoft has recently filed resulted from either customer or channel piracy reports. The most recent round of cases were filed against 15 companies and individuals. View the latest cases.


2. You Can Avoid Embarassment 
Microsoft News Center

Microsoft Takes Aim at Piracy and Outlines Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Experience

REDMOND, Wash. — May 7, 2009 —
Software piracy is a pervasive problem that costs the world economy more than US$45 billion each year.  But for victims of software piracy, the losses aren’t just monetary. Consumers face potential identity theft, system failures and unrecoverable data loss and market research firm IDC pegs the cost of compromised data in business environments at tens of thousands of dollars per incident.

Microsoft has focused its anti-piracy efforts on protecting customers and partners from the evolving risks of counterfeit software and increasingly sophisticated piracy scams. Every day, more than one million users activate and validate their PCs to make sure they’re running genuine Windows software, and Microsoft has made significant investments in customer education and engineering efforts to make this process simple, easy and reliable. For customers who do discover they are piracy victims, Microsoft has made a range of options available to them, including buying online or through retail, often at special pricing or even at no cost.


3. Fewer Hassles & Loss of Support

Using pirated software can open your computer to malicous attacks and phishing scams! Microsoft will not support a pirated operating system!

Is Your PC Being Hacked?

Worried your computer could be open to any heartless hacker who wants to break in and wreak havoc? Keep your guard up with these simple tips.

You’re right to be worried about hackers - there are people out there who would like to gain access to your PC in order to steal your personal information or for some other malevolent purpose.

So are you confident that PC is properly protected? You should of course have security software installed, some BT Broadband customers can get software for free.

Then, for complete peace of mind, you might want to test your PC’s defences to see what happens should it come under attack.

There are various ways to check that all is well with your security setup – and a few other sensible precautions you can take to ensure that your PC remains a hacker-free zone:

  1. Check Windows’ logs
  2. Check security software logs
  3. Check your firewall
  4. Download a test virus (EICAR)
  5. Test your firewall, router and other defences (ShieldsUp!)
  6. Check router security and network users
  7. Ditch Windows XP

4. You Demonstrate Unflenching Honesty

Show your employees and family that you care enough to stay legal!

Why You Should Buy Refurbished Computers

If you're afraid of buying used technology, when it comes to a factory refurb, there isn't much to fear. Here's what you need to know.

We've all had the experience of buying something expensive, getting it home, taking it out of the box, and finding that something just isn't right. Maybe it's scratched or dented. Maybe it lacks a feature you desperately wanted. Maybe the product in question just doesn't work properly. And in all of these cases, the natural thing to do is return it.

So what happens to it then?

When it comes to technology products like desktop and laptop PCs—even printers, phones, and more—unless they are beyond repair, the chances are that what you send back will ultimately end up going back on the shelves. And, it's likely you'll see it at a much better price.


...Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt???

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