Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI

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  • Front View Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI
  • Cheap, used and refurbished Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI
  • Left Side View Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI
  • Rear Side View Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI
  • Overhead View Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI
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Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD

This Dell Optiplex USFF is a great way to save space and maintain computer power. These ultra small form factor desktop computers are equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Windows 10 to make sure your computer experience is as smooth as possible. Attach a monitor and peripherals using the Integrated HDMI Port, USB and serial ports, and get online quickly with the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. 

Ultra small Dell computers have been long sought after by the business world due to their durability and small sleek chassis. These desktops are able to with stand lengthy work days, unlimited emails and countless spreadsheets.

Intel Core 2 Duo

The best choice of processor for utility on a budget. High clock-speeds make the Core 2 Duo processor a workhorse for any household. The Core 2 Duo is capable of browsing the web, watching videos, taking notes, editing word documents and all of your day to day activities. The Core 2 Duo processor utilizes dual execution cores in a single processor to allow the execution of parallel threads or applications on separate cores, resulting in profound performance with energy efficiency and exceptional system response.


4GB Ram

The more RAM, the more information a computer can work with at the same time. This generally creates a heightened performance experience. If you consider yourself an average or even power user, then 4GB of RAM is a critical feature. Whether you are editing documents, watching videos or the kids school work requires a lot of research 4GB will meet your daily needs.

80GB HDD Storage

If cheap storage is high on your priority list then the original form hard-disk drive is the way to go. On average HDD is 5 times less expensive than SSD. The hard drive is the storage component in computers that use magnetic storage to store and retrieve saved information. Majority of non-professional users will be more than satisfied with the 80GB of storage on this computer. For example, 80GB can hold 20,000 average size photos or songs. If you are planning on storing movies, then you will most likely want to upgrade to 500GB of storage.


The DVD-RW is great for playing your favorite movies, allowing for this fast and durable computer to pack an entertainment punch. Not only can this computer read DVDs it can also write DVDs, giving you the ability to burn family pictures to a concrete platform.


Ports and Slots

7 USB- The USB allows for connectivity in various activities, such as, charging your phone, plugging in mice and keyboards as well as downloading photos and videos.

DVI- Having the ability to display your videos and computer screen to multiple different platforms is a must have in the 20th century. DVI outputs allow you to connect your computer to a monitor, increasing overall production.

Network Port- The network port allows for quick connection to your local network or Ethernet, by plugging directly into the desktop itself.

Headphone and microphone- This computer includes ports for connecting your headphones and listening to your favorite music as well as making voice calls with programs like skype.

Windows 10

The world’s most popular operating system. Windows 10 is used in personal computers, tablets, and in internet of things devices. The start menu is back, and Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer and includes tools such as Web Notes, which allows users to write on visited websites, as well as Reading View, which allows users to view certain websites without the distraction of ads. In addition to the added browsing improvements, Windows 10 has the Microsoft Xbox app-built in. Gamers never have to leave their computer to play games, edit profiles, check messages, access achievement lists or see friend’s recent activity. Windows 10 will drastically outlast other Windows systems, due to its new technology not requiring a full-fledged system replacement with each improvement.

What's Included

  • Desktop Computer 
  • Power Cords
  • Paperwork (Official Microsoft License)
  • Operating System Restore Partition


  • Completely Refurbished
  • Excellent Overall Condition


  • Width 3.5 in
  • Depth 10 in
  • Height 10.4 in


  • FedEx Ground Shipping
  • US Only (Lower 48 States)
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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty, 99.5% Positive Feedback Score on Over 14,000 Customers this Year!
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Additional Information

Intel Core 2 Duo
2.13 GHz
4 GB
160 GB
1 Year Warranty From A Microsft Authorized Refurbisher
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6 Reviews

  • 4
    Dell Optiplex USFF Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 4GB 80GB DVD and WIFI

    I received my computer very quick! It runs great! I would definitely buy more from this store.. Downside, the front on the computer doesn't stay attached, and the WIFI attachment wouldn't go into the computer so I had to connect it by a ethernet cable. But I bought a cheap one so my mom could mainly play games on it and serf the internet. It's perfect for that.

  • 4
    Great computer with one exception I don't know how to slow down the printer in windows 10

    Requested help but no response as yet

  • 5
    I love my new computer!

    I'm so happy with my purchase. The computer works great. I will definitely purchase from this store again.

  • 5
    Small and Quick

    This Dell is quick. The 1st one I received had issues and customer service immediately sent another one out with a return label for the other one.

  • 4
    Dell Optiplex Desktop Computer PC Core 2 Duo Windows 10 Pro 4GB 160GB DVD

    Good Price, with timely shipping. Would recommend purchase again.

  • 4
    great product

    Arrived in time I was told. Came with everything needed to set up. Great condition and is working wonderfully. Will definitely purchase from here again.

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