Fast And Dependable Dell Desktop | Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | WIFI | Windows 10 Pro

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  • Front View Fast And Dependable Dell Desktop | Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | WIFI | Windows 10 Pro
  • Right Side View Fast And Dependable Dell Desktop | Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | WIFI | Windows 10 Pro
  • Left Side View Fast And Dependable Dell Desktop | Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | WIFI | Windows 10 Pro
  • Cheap, used and refurbished Fast And Dependable Dell Desktop | Intel i5 Processor | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | WIFI | Windows 10 Pro


The Dell Optiplex is one of the most successful computer models of all time. For more than 25 years the workhorse of the Dell desktop lineup has proven its worth to more businesses, schools and government agencies, and its easy to see why. It's build quality and construction are of the highest quality, and the components and parts that make the machine have proven time and time again to be dependable and long lasting.


About this item:

• Dependable Dell Desktop Computer

• Powerful Intel i5 Quad-Core Processor

• 8GB of DDR3 High Speed RAM

• 500GB Hard Drive With Room For Pictures, Movies, Games and Documents

• DVD-RW Drive Great For Watching Movies or Burning DVDs From Home

• Included Keyboard, Mouse and Power Cable

• 1 Year Warranty With Extended Warranties Available

• Free Shipping


Personal computers, generally sitting on top of a desk, are referred to as desktop computers. These computers are designed for regular use at a single location, due to its size and power requirements. Desktops are budget friendly and capable of handling virtually any task. Rugged and dependable computers are a must have for anyone with important information or on a tight budget. Dependability is highly reliant on the tests and procedures preformed prior to the computer being put on the market. Discount Computer Depot puts our computers through three of most inclusive tests one can perform on a computer, assuring premium quality and extended life. Computer repairs are not cheap, so Discount Computer Depot has decided to include a FREE one-year warranty for all computers, not that you will need it. We do these things to insure an above average customer experience

The most popular quad core processor contained in many versions of personal computers is the Intel Core i5. The i5 processor has up to 6MB of cache, reducing the average time and energy needed to access data from the main memory. i5 processors utilize a feature called Turbo Boost. Turbo Boost allows for dynamic overclocking, boosting faster processing speeds, under taxing situations. The Core i5 processor is more than sufficient enough to handle photoshop, gaming and easily breeze through day to day activities.

The more RAM, the more information a computer can work with at the same time. This generally creates a heightened performance experience. If you consider yourself an avid gamer or a video creator 8GB of RAM is a must have. Whether you are editing video, playing games or using Photoshop, 8GB will meet your expectations.


USB 3.0- The USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB 2.0, saving you much needed time during long transfers. The USB 3.0 is used for various activities, such as, charging your phone, plugging in mice and keyboards as well as downloading photos and videos.

Network Port- The network port allows for quick connection to your local network or ethernet, by plugging directly into the desktop itself.

Headphone and microphone - This laptop includes ports for connecting your headphones and listening to your favorite music as well as making voice calls with programs like skype.

Displayport - The Displayport Port allows connecting video sources to display, delivering higher resolution, faster refresh rates, and deeper colors over a single cable, and they both pass audio as well. Your computer will come with either a Displayport or an HDMI, we cannot guarantee a specific port.

VGA - VGA outputs allow you to connect your laptop to a second monitor, increasing overall production.

Windows10:  The world’s most popular operating system. Windows 10 is used in personal computers, tablets, and in internet of things devices. The start menu is back, and Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer and includes tools such as Web Notes, which allows users to write on visited websites, as well as Reading View, which allows users to view certain websites without the distraction of ads. In addition to the added browsing improvements, Windows 10 has the Microsoft Xbox app-built in. Gamers never have to leave their computer to play games, edit profiles, check messages, access achievement lists or see friend’s recent activity. Windows 10 will drastically outlast other Windows systems, due to its new technology not requiring a full-fledged system replacement with each improvement.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty, 99.5% Positive Feedback Score on Over 14,000 Customers this Year!
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Additional Information

Windows 10
Intel i5
8 GB
500 GB
1 Year Warranty From A Microsft Authorized Refurbisher
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18 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent Purchase, Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Paul on 23rd May 2024

    In the past, I've either modified used equipment or tried to scrap together several broken computers to DIY a machine to do what I want. The challenge has always been the OS. This computer came in like new, worked out of the box, and the Operating System switched to Windows 10 Pro exactly like it was supposed to with no tricks, hoops, gimmicks, or grey licensing areas. It just worked.

  • 4
    Computer Review

    Posted by Timothy Roberson on 26th Jan 2024

    Just received it. Have not really had the chance to use it use it but seems to be a good computer so far. Lots of storage space. Good speed for my task. Looks good. Great deal for the price. Came with mouse and keyboard.

  • 3
    The PC works fine now, but took me over a week to get previous owners info off the PC.

    Posted by Larry Brown on 27th Sep 2023

    I'm glad the PC is working now. When I first tried to log onto the PC, It showed a different person's name. I HATE having to log into a Microsoft account before I can access my PC. I've owned many PC's over my 70 years of living on this planet, and I've never had to log into a Microsoft account.

  • 4
    Dell Computer

    Posted by carol whitestone on 13th Aug 2022

    Been happy with this computer so far. Upgrading from a 4 mg ram to 8 mg has not given me the expected increase in speed. However, am still working with this new Dell so special settings for my preferences remain to be set.

  • 5
    Dell Desktop IntelI5 processor

    Posted by Carol Terry on 17th Nov 2020

    This computer works great and I would purchase again from Discount Computer Depot. The communicated with me and are available for help when needed

  • 4
    Computer & keyboard

    Posted by David Phillips on 16th Sep 2020

    Computer seems to work fine but the keyboard is garbage. When you type the letter (l) you get (z) and when you type (z) you get (l). Not very helpful. I will call and ask for a replacement asap.

  • 5

    Posted by James on 1st Sep 2020

    Works great!

  • 5

    Posted by Chateau on 30th Apr 2020

    I was skeptical about purchasing a refurbished product especially acomputer I am very pleased with my computer, I work with dual monitors and I called them and they was like no problem we gonna send you the cords you need

  • 5
    Dell Desktop with Windows 10 Pro

    Posted by Donna Rector on 29th Apr 2020

    Very pleased with this desktop computer. Bought it for my husband and he loves it. Would highly recommend it.

  • 5
    A very good product for money!

    Posted by Tim on 11th Feb 2020

    This is my 2nd computer from dcc and if l need another one I will use dcc again.

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