Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD and WIFI

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  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD
  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD
  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD
  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD
  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD
  • Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 Intel i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD


Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro Desktop Computer Windows 10 PC i3 4th Gen 8GB 128GB SSD


Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Premium is Installed and Ready to Use!

CPU: Intel i3-4150T 3.0GHz Processor

Ram: 8GB Memory (More than enough Memory for Heavy multi-tasking)

Hard Drive: 128GB SSD (Stores thousands of photos and documents)

Optical: DVD-RW Drive (Plays and Writes DVD's, CD's, Movies, Software and More)

Ports: USB, VGA and More

What's Included:

  • Dell Desktop Computer PC
  • Power Supply
  • Paperwork (Official Microsoft License)
  • Operating System Restore Partition


About Discount Computer Depot

Discount Computer Depot is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and certified to refurbish off-lease or previously owned business and education class computers and laptops. We strive to create the greatest value and user experience for our past and future customers. We are happy to stand behind our products by offering a 1 Year Warranty with our refurbished computers and laptops.

We refurbish our computers based on functionality. Our refurbished computers may have signs of normal usage scratching to the case from being transported by pallet in bulk. The images of the products are in house stock photos and may vary slightly from the product you receive.


Our Refurbishing Process

The technicians at Discount Computer Depot access three main points in the refurbishing process

  • Functionality of the electronic components

Each part is tested individually for full functionality before being installed or used in a computer or laptop.

Cosmetic Quality

Each computer or laptop is inspected for cleanliness and cosmetic defects. Because these are refurbished items we only pass through items that will be 4 out of 5 stars for refurbished products.

(4 out of 5 Stars means there will be some scratches or rubbing to the metal and plastic cases)

Product Longevity

Our goal is to evaluate current technology and match the functionality of our refurbished products as closely as possible to new products being sold today.



IMPORTANT-Only Buy with 1 Year Computer Warranty Guarantee!

At Discount Computer Depot we stock over 5,000 computers and laptops, meaning we are here to stay. With our 1 Year parts and labor warranty guarantee on computers and laptops you will be treated like a customer should be from the time you receive your item all the way through your warranty period.

NOTICE: Laptop batteries are not guaranteed by the 1 Year Warranty. We test the laptop batteries to hold a charge for approximately 30 minutes. New batteries are available on eBay for approximately $20.

Please check the item description/specifics for warranty information on non-computer and laptop items


Shipping and Handling

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Quality Components

We strive to use the highest quality parts in everything we sell. If there is a monitor included it will be either Dell, LG, Acer, Viewsonic, Samsung or other name brand. Our computers our refurbished to factory specs and function as they would when new.


What product keys are included with computer?

Existing COA, Current COA, Serial Number

What accessories are included with computer?

Included keyboard and mouse may not match brand of computer

How long will it take to receive my computer?

You will receive tracking information via email(the email address associated with your PayPal account) within three business days of purchase, shipped FedEx ground

Can I change shipping address after purchase?

Shipping address cannot be changed after purchase and must be a verified PayPal address

Details about monitor if purchased with computer

Size of monitor is measured diagonally and is specified in the product listing. Brand of monitor may not be the same as brand of computer

What type of computers do we sell?

We sell off-lease business and education computers than are business class. Business class computers are meant to last longer that consumer class computers.



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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty, 99.5% Positive Feedback Score on Over 14,000 Customers this Year!
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Additional Information

3020 USDT
Operating System:
Windows 10
Intel Core i5 4th Gen.
Intel HD Graphics 4400
1 Year Warranty from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher!
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