10 Reasons Schools Need Computers

Updated March 5, 2023

10 Reason To Have Computers In The Classroom

Published by Joshua Crow

Why kids need technology in classrooms, the real reasons.

Technology is on the rise, its not a secret. “Smart” devices have molded the way we live, work, play and most importantly learn. The IoT (Internet of Things) is inching its way closer into existence on a daily basis, giving schools and businesses an increasingly important task. To learn, management, implement and upgrade IT and tech. Though, for many schools, this is easier said than done.

There are a few main reasons for this:

  • Schools are unsure if electronic devices will be a strategic learning tool or more of a burden to the kids learning.
  • School’s budgets only stretch so far and it may not include a 1:1 computer to kid ratio, which is the most effective way to implement IT.
  • Older Schools network infrastructure is not capable of handling the technology.

In all of these cases both the schools and the students are missing out. Not only are the students missing out on the ability to get a head start on learning the technology of their future, but the schools are only getting further behind the technology curve.

Below we have listed 10 reasons that schools and students alike need technology in the classroom.

Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.

— Steve Jobs, February 1, 1985

10 Reasons Computers Belong In The Classroom:


1. Technology allows students of all learning styles to adapt easier than traditional school methods. Whether the students are visual, aural, verbal or physical, one computer can satisfy all types.

2. The world is constantly changing and keeping up to date on the newest information is only a click away when students have access to computers. The number of books or CDs needed to keep up with current events would be an astronomical number, in price and quantity.

3. New tech means new learning experiences and opportunities. VR (virtual reality) is the newest learning tool creating a wave of excitement for learning.

4. Technology allows people to learn new things, only available with access to technology. For example, learning to code or image editing is only do able when students have technology.

5. Technology enhances the need of a community and collaboration. Learning and working through problems in a group setting is great preparation for college and future careers.

6. With the addition of technology in classrooms, the role the teacher in the classroom can take on a new and dynamic light. Traditional passive learning is in the past, teachers need to be coaches, encouragers and advisers to have the biggest impact on students.

7. Responsibility. Having to keep up with, log into and protect their own devices gives students a lesson in responsibility and individualism.

8. Not only do students benefit, technology allows teachers and students alike to develop their technology skills becoming more efficient and savvier in teaching and everyday life.

9. Technology is helping to increasing attention spans. Kids have become less engaged with learning and more engaged with technology. Therefore, combining those things in an interesting and thought-provoking manner can cause a serious spike in participation.

10. Computers allow students to accomplish tasks faster, giving them more time to learn new things and engage in different activites.

Technology and computers are easy to get. We want to see these benefits utilized to their full potential, therefore we are going to discuss the solution to the problems teachers face with the implementation of IT.


With the addition of technology in classrooms, the teacher's role can take on a new and dynamic light. Traditional passive learning is in the past; teachers need to be coaches, encouragers and advisers to have the biggest impact on students.

How to support technology in the classroom


Network infrastructure is one of the most looked over parts of the IT equation and equally it is one of the most important. A school can get the nicest computers available, but if their network infrastructure can not support the machines they basically have an awesome boat with no motor.

Time and time again we see schools jump into buying new tablets and laptops, only to find out that nothing works because their Wi-Fi network could not support it.

Tight budgets make this a dangerous equation. Schools cannot afford another new set of computers so they need to make sure they get it right the first time.

Being able to implement a secure, powerful Wi-Fi network that is capable of handling the new devices is a specialized skill and is definitely not cheap. But the necessity of this will come and some argue that it is already here. These network infrastructure and device changes may not be cheap, but they are probably more attainable than you think. Give a call and they will be glad to check on any price cuts or deals that you are eligible for.

Dealing with customers and computers for the last 5 years has given us great insight on distinguishing what should work from what will work.

The main takeaways:

  • Wi-fi systems need to align with the devices connecting to it
  • IT resources are expensive but attainable
  • User expectations are higher than ever
  • Change is constant

There is no avoiding the realities of the information age. Its effects manifest differently in different sectors, but the drivers of speed and interdependence will impact us all. Oganizations that continue to use 20th-century tools in today's complex environment do so at their peril.

— General Stanley A. McChrystal, US Army

Choosing the correct computer is also important

Computers range drastically from size, processors, models and type. Research is great, but a trained professional is better. Discount Computer Depot has trained computer specialists that can help you choose the perfect computer for your school and situation.

Again, tight budgets turn this from a guessing game to a game of fact. If you guess the wrong computers you could be suffering for years to come with slow and frustrating machinery.

Getting the best computers for your budget and use cases is a necessity. Comparing infrastructure, age level and activity type needs to be done correctly the first time to ensure no time or money is wasted.

The main takeaways:

  • Choosing the correct computer is vital
  • There are people who probably know computers better than you
  • More factors come into play than just how fast the computer is
  • Budget plays a big role in the upgrade process

Know the effects e-Waste and electronics recycling on classroom IT initiatives

E-waste is a growing problem for the planet as well as schools. Understanding where computer waste goes, when to try and sell it, when to recycle, how to get it to where it needs to be are all valid questions that not everyone knows the answer to.

Which is why Discount Computer Depot has the Full Circle IT Management Plan. This plan provides schools with discounted prices, an IT management map, reliable computers and hassle free pickup of out of date computers.

The Full Circle IT Management Plan, gives schools the chance to benefit from zero cost of ownership as well as allows DCD to reduce more and more e-waste from the stream every year. Go to STS Electronic Recycling if you currently have electronics to recycle.

The main takeaways:

  • E-waste is something to be aware of
  • Get someone who understands the pricing and age of computers to help with you IT timeline
  • Zero cost of ownership is a must have

In this blog, we have discussed why classrooms need computers, how to make sure the computers will work and the best option for IT management and disposal.

It is now up to you to make the most economical and responsible decision possible for your IT acquisition, management and disposal. Best of luck and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call 844-699-2913 or email

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